Beatrice Celebrates 30 Years!

Finally, the big 3-0.

For years, I told myself that I would break milestones by the time I turned 30. In past years, you’ve read about how I’ve spent time with and given money to the homeless just before celebrating my birthday. You’ve also read how I created a College Bound Outreach that motivates young people to apply for college. This year, I’m facing the joys of a new home, a second marriage and pregnancy! Yep, just an ordinarily happy woman at this point in my life, with a slightly different focus.

My son Khalil (who has lived in my belly for the past 4.5 months) has made me take time for myself. He’s kicked and screamed for me to slow down on my “busy lifestyle” and cater to his maturing fetus.

In turn and in summary, I spent my birthday with my fiance and my good friends, Journei the poet and TayBlack. Journei cooked a stuffed shell and shrimp dinner and we played monopoly. A deserved restoration from a once hectic lifestyle. See everyone next year around November 16th for my 31st!