Beatrice Celebrates Her Birthday.

As many of you know, I’ve developed a tradition of giving back before I kick off my birthday celebrations.

Last year I met Donald as he rummaged through the trash looking for breakfast. It was my 3rd year going into the city and blessing someone living on the street.  My good deeds didn’t go in vain until this year. And I can’t wait to report how that happened.

As I mentioned in last year’s birthday blog, Donald left a lasting impression on me. Unfortunately this year I am left with another lasting impression. It’s the impression of a nameless man who sat on a park bench with his belongings next to him. He was young, near my age, and his appearance was still in tact. But before I could get two words out as to why I was there, he asked me to leave.

My fingers clinched my gift tightly as I thought to myself, “I have to bless someone before I celebrate my birthday.” It took creative thought, but eventually I found someone to share my gift with.

Well today is my special day. I’ve been with Baby D all week, and although we have been busy bots, I think today will be the laziest day of them all. I’m grateful to see another year. I’m 29 baby!!!