Mid-Year Update

The year is flying and my time machine isn’t working!  Damn, I have to remember to get it fixed.  But while I’m here I might as well provide everyone with an update since my Jan post.

Let me start by saying I feel accomplished. I truly feel as though the hard work I put into this long time dream is paying off. And my breakthrough is happening. I’m embracing the challenges that I’m overcoming; in that way I learn new things for my future.

In case you haven’t heard, I’m thinking of adding Diaries of an Emotional Prostitute to book store shelves. The recent bankruptcy at Borders scared me for a minute, but I think it’s a good move. The set back prior to that was getting past my pride. Do you know they steal 55% from my profit? LOL  I just couldn’t fathom that I did all of this work to only receive 45% gain. But there’s very little that I can do about it in this already established market. I have come to grips with finding a work around to compensate for my efforts.

Last, if you haven’t seen my new show Uncover 2 Discover with my long time friend, Journei the poet, you must tune in. We premier on Youtube right now but that’s just because we haven’t had the dedication to set up broadcast on any other network. We will do Ustream consistently in the future, so look for that.  Speaking of our show, I’m about to jump in the editing room in a few to add final touches to next week’s show. I look forward to catching up soon. 🙂