Chapter One

I entitled this piece Chapter One because it really is the beginning of Chapter One in my professional career. Oh doesn’t it feel so good to nearly close the door of the past. Not that it was a horrible past, I actually made a pretty good name for myself there. But it just wasn’t what God put in me to do. This new career is so much more rewarding and my spirit rejoices each time I am reminded of how close I am to Chapter Two.

So how are the book sales coming? That seems to be the hot topic these days. And I must admit that they are going. I just wish that I hadn’t deleted my previous Facebook Fan Page. I’m sure that it would’ve been much easier to build a steady stream of income if I still had thousands of supporters routing for me in the background. I’ve gotten word that many believe they are already fans, or think that my new page is a dummy page created by a spammer. lol Boy I really screwed up but I’m thankful that I get to start over and connect with fresh faces. 🙂

One last thing. Beatrice McClearn’s Second Annual College Bound Outreach ends in a few days. If you know a high school student with at least a 2.5 GPA who wants to go to college, send them to my website for official rules.