Beatrice Celebrates Her Birthday

Today panned out exactly how I visioned in January. This morning I had the opportunity to meet with Donald, a man scavenging the trash of D.C.  We spoke for nearly 20 minutes in the cold, and ironically it was me without a hat. As I explained to him that he was the recipient of my monetary gift giveaway for this year, he quickly looked surprised and wished great blessing upon me. I returned those same blessings and went about my way. Donald left an impression on me; just as I’m sure I did him. I’m thankful for that and I look forward to meeting another homeless person next year.

Also the novel officially released today. Sixth Sense Publishing confirmed that nearly 10% of the inventory has shipped! Wow! Keep the momentum going because I truly believe that we can make a difference in many young people’s lives.

I’m getting ready for an interview with a member of the woman’s group K.I.S.S. so until next time…


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