Reflection Moment

Yesterday, I revealed my final ode to him.  And yes, him is a real person.  Well he sent me an e-mail stating that he wanted to read more.  I assumed that he only meant for me to reveal the secrets of my diaries, since it was obvious that was the only thing that was left.

To make a long story short, I was happy to oblige.  When I got home, I started on his request. I took out each diary and flipped through the pages, finding information that pertained to him.  When I found it, I typed it on the computer screen – ready to e-mail it to him.

I must admit that re-reading the locked encounters made me realize how crazy I was when it came to him. I guess I wanted him so bad that I allowed my actions to push him away.  And here I was, all of this time thinking that he was at fault.  I guess it’s good that I realized that I too have flaws.  You know sometimes we tend to forget that about ourselves – me especially in this case.

I hope he forgives me, and honestly I’m quite embarrassed.  I sent him the e-mail, I figured I wouldn’t sugarcoat anything.  hmmm Good reflection moment.