Saying Yes

Hmm.  I was out at a local café this morning and I overheard a man talking to a woman.  He was in the middle of telling her that he went hiking this past summer.  The woman asked if he does that often.  His reply to her was, “No. I just implemented a policy that I will say yes to people who ask me to do something fun outdoors.”

My ears perked up once he finished, because I knew exactly what he was talking about.  Sometimes we can get so consumed in our daily routine that we forget to live and explore life to the fullest.  Especially now when my time with friends and family is replaced to write masterpieces read by strangers; I guess it’s a simple principle for me to begin to follow.

From now on, when a friend or family member asks me to do something fun and outdoorsy with them, my reply will be “yes!”  I wish I could force each of you to carry out the same thing.  Maybe it can be contagious and infectious.  Let us all be free!