Long Weekend, No Plans

Tomorrow evening my ship sails for the bahamas.  Too bad I won’t be on board.  Can you believe that damn passport found a way to elude me last weekend just before I booked the arrangements?  Isn’t that somethin!  All this time I made sure to keep a close eye on it – and then it disappears mysteriously.  Only good out of it is that I can put the money toward the principal of my car – another reminder that I have not made it – yet.

My friends are going out tonight but I’ll stay home to work on pending projects. Since I’m not going out of the country, I need to stay focused.  If things go really well, I can complete all my project requests and make a few customers happy in the process.

All hope is not lost – I’ll just staple my next passport to my forehead and change my sail date.  🙂 

Be encouraged.